Build a motorized bicycle and own the road!

Imagine flying by other cyclists and cars and seeing the puzzled looks in their eyes as they see you barely peddling, or not even peddling at all! Supplementing your bicycle with a motor, either gas powered or electric is the most fun you can have with your bike since you learned to 'pop a wheelie' as a kid. It'll put a little spark into your bike rides and make you want to ride more often.

Bicycle + Motor = Awesome!

You don't have to use your motor, but it sure helps when you're tired from a long bike ride across town and suddenly you approach a massive hill. It was fun going down but going back up? Not so much. Fire up your motor and glide up that hill like your riding a ski lift.

Build a motorized bicycle in a day.

So there is a ton of info out there on motorized bicycles. But it's spread out thin all over the internet making it hard to find the concrete answers you need. Here are a few issues that need to be tackled:

  • Laws vary by state.
  • Every kit is vastly different.
  • Solutions to many common problems aren't well documented.
  • You will need skills from many different area's.

Coming soon.. a guide you can use!

You want to build a motorized bicycle but you don't know where to start. What kit do you buy? Do you build your own kit? How do you get started? If you build one, will you meet the woman (or man) of your dreams?

Of course, we'll answer all those and more in our in-depth guide all about motorized bicycles. Along with the full text guide we'll be including video tutorials too!

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Top 3 reasons to build a motorized bicycle:

  1. Quicker commute time.
  2. You'll destroy those tough hills.
  3. Fun to build!

What's the best way to ride?

Fast! You'll be able to get up to top speed faster than ever! Enjoy having more fun than you can remember!

Extreme Green Bicycler!

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